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Workshop Descriptions

Outline of Full-Day Workshop


9:30AM -10:00AM

 Lecture and discussion of Wilson Meagher™ Method, muscle tightness and motion


10:00AM  -10:30AM

Demonstration of hand-on technique by Jo-Ann Wilson Gail Analysis: Developing an eye for motion and muscle tightness


10:30AM  -12:30AM

Group breaks into pairs to identify tightness by observation and hands-on skills Each person works on the horse with Jo-Ann teaching and supervising the group Pairs present horse to entire group after they have applied the technique to show the changes in motion.


12:30PM - 1:15PM

Lunch and small group discussion


1:15PM - 4:30PM

Continuation of watching horses move. Each pair of participants works on one or two more horses. Strengthening and saddle fit is addressed.

All participants have great fun and achieve great results in these workshops!

Outline of Half-Day Workshop


9:30AM -10:00AM

 Lecture and discussion of technique and gait analysis


10:00AM  -12:30PM

Group divided into pairs. Each pair watches horse move, identifies problems in motion due to muscle tightness and uses a hands-on technique to restore horse to improved motion.



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