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Tribute from Jack Meagher:

It is my privilege and pleasure to have Jo-Ann Wilson as my friend and associate in sportsmassage. I have seen her develop over the years from my pupil, to the foremost practioner of the art of sportsmassage, to serving the United States 3 Day Event Team at the 2000 Olympics. Her talent, integrity, and commitment to the profession are widely known and respected.

Jo-Ann is the driving force behind assuring that her students receive the highest quality preparation for the field.

Jo-Ann Wilson was instrumental in securing the first ever scientific testing of sportsmassage…

I am proud that Jo-Ann Wilson made the Meagher Method of sportsmassage her professional choice. She and her pupils will insure the future of sportsmassage.

-- Jack Meagher, Founder of Sportsmassage, 1999

Clinical Sportsmassage Services:

Here is a statement from an Olympian to the editor of Practical Horseman, printed in Practical Horseman June 2003:

"Jo-Ann Wilson talks for the horse. Say you're having a problem getting a flying lead change or half-pass from your horse. She can give you reasons, based on the horse's muscle makeup, why he's having the problem. It may not be your riding. It may not be the horse resisting--as in something you need to 'work through'. The problem could be muscular in nature. She can work on your horse and talk for him. That gives you closure--and the correct course of action for fixing it. "She worked on our event horses at the Sydney Games, and she continues to work on them. She improves flexibility and range of motion with each horse she works on. She knows equine anatomy and physiology better than anyone I've known. Horses need therapy like hers to make their jobs easier."

-- Karen O’Connor, Four Time Olympian and Two Time medalist Gold Medalist Pan Am Games 2007 3 Day Event Competitor and Trainer

“Jo-Ann Wilson has been working on my show horses for over a decade. I am still amazed at how she can get right to the root of the problem that they may be having in their training or in competition. I am so fortunate to have her as a part of my team. Not only does her massage enhance my horse’s performance, it prevents injury by restoring range of motion, enabling them to move in a free and balanced manner.”

-- Sue Lyman, Rider, Competitor, and United States Hunter Jumper Association Certified Trainer

“Jo-Ann Wilson and I have collaborated in treating patients with acute and chronic musculoskeletal and neurological pathologies for 15 years. Jo-Ann’s greatest asset is her complete understanding of applied anatomy with the highest level of skill in her application of massage in her professional treatment. Her solid understanding of musculoskeletal dysfunction with her keen knowledge of biomechanics makes her a unique massage therapist. I give her my highest professional recommendation for the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal problems.”

-- Susan LaViolette, Orthopedic Specialist in Physical Therapy Director, Lexington Physical Therapy Association, Lexington, Massachusetts

“Jo-Ann’s work keeps my horses sound. She has taught me how to work on my own horses in between her appointments. I don’t get all the nooks and crannies like she does, but I do the basics. After I work on Quinn, and all my other horses, they feel amazing!! Totally even and balanced. Jo-Ann is the maestro!” Liz Millikin, International 3-Day Event Rider, Competitor, Trainer and Sales

-- Liz Millikin 3 Day Event Competitor, Trainer, and Sales

“Jo-Ann’s work is absolutely my early warning system for my horse!”

-- Barbara LeStage, Adult Amateur Show Hunter Rider and Competitor

Professional Certification & Training

 “The vast amount of knowledge you receive from Jo-Ann Wilson’s Professional Certification Seminar is enough to overwhelm the senses. Luckily, Jo-Ann’s direct, patient and practical approach will collectively set your gray matter at ease. She teaches through case studies, and with interesting, and more often than not, humorous anecdotes. She gives you concise do’s and don’ts involving the ethics and boundaries surrounding the horse world. The anatomy of the equine so closely relates to our own, that even those without a background in these giant athletes or even a fear of them, can broaden their massage practice with confidence under Jo-Ann’s teachings.

Not only did this course enable me to branch out from strictly working on bipeds, it increased my effectiveness and efficiency with my current patients. I’ve incorporated some of the techniques on my “two footers” with great and lasting results; making me a better “motion specialist.” Two thumbs up for Ms. Wilson and The Wilson Meagher Method of Equine Sportsmassage.”

-- Sarah E. Foster L.M.T., Maine

“I really enjoyed the equine sportsmassage course you taught. I am working with much more awareness and accuracy now. It is as if I have a very detailed roadmap of the horse’s body to work with. Plus, all the hands-on work improved my technique and “feel.” So, thank you for your insights, helpful critique and general encouragement, I look forward to Part Two!”

-- Kathy Hermann, L.M.T, NCBTMB, Massachusetts

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