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“I watched the DVD last night, I am so excited. I massaged Torro , and he loved it. He trotted off nicely. Thank you so much! I really got a lot out of it…this gave me the confidence to be responsible to my horses.”

-- Laurie Smigelski, Former FEI Combined Driving Competitor, Excalibur Farm, Groton Mass

A Course in Equine Sports Massage (DVD) by Jo-Ann Wilson

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Introduction to Sportsmassage

The Power of Motion


A Brief Case Study

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A Course in Equine Sportsmassage, Lesson One,” is a simple to follow, dynamic instructional DVD, that will teach you how to use the world-renowned Wilson Meagher Method™ to alleviate and prevent muscle tightness that can interfere with the motion and well-being of your horse. This documentary-style DVD captures horses moving and being ridden before and after application of the technique, while providing valuable information on how to recognize restrictions in motion in an interesting, dynamic and well-paced format.

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DVD Testimonials

"We consider Jo-Ann's work an important part of the successes of the O'Connor Team. Jo-Ann regularly works on our horses and we highly recommend her work as a benefit to both horse and horse owner. Her knowledge is unparalleled in this industry and she has a terrific way with the horses."

-- David O'Connor Olympic Gold Medalist 2000, President U.S. Equestrian Federation

-- Karen O'Connor Four Time Olympian Medalist 1996, 2000, Pan-Am Gold Medalist 2007

"As a practicing sport horse medicine veterinarian, I refer horses to Jo-Ann because she has a keen ability to achieve results for horses with muscular problems. She understands the demands on these equine athletes and has an unbelievable knowledge of both anatomy and biomechanics. It is a pleasure to work with her and put our heads together to get the best results. I highly recommend her method as a complementary and adjunct therapy to veterinary medicine."

-- Christiana Ober, DVM Team Veterinarian Canada Three Day Eventing

"It is my pleasure to recommend Jo-Ann Wilson's DVD, “A Course in Equine Sportmassage.” The clarity of material and instruction is excellent and accessible to both the equine student and horse owner. We have instituted this DVD as part of our curriculum at Johnson & Wales University's Equine Studies Program in our Equine Physiology and Sports Therapy course. The students have been able to apply some of the basic massage techniques outlined by Jo-Ann in their laboratory sessions.

-- Cindy Sharp Carr, DVM Assoc. Professor Johnson & Wales University

-- Beth Beukema, Dept. Chairperson Equine Studies Program Johnson & Wales University

“A Course in Equine Sportsmassage” with Jo-Ann Wilson provides a straightforward and easy-to-use approach to gait assessment and equine sports massage. Jo-Ann's succinct explanation and demonstration of the dynamics of motion guide students through the process of identifying where the flow of motion is restricted. She then identifies the major performance muscle groups, explains their function and demonstrates how to release tightness and restriction with compression techniques. The compression techniques have made a real difference in my horse. His overall performance has improved, his appearance is rounder and softer and he begins his work more relaxed, forward and supple. I highly recommend this DVD to anyone looking to develop a strong, athletic equine partner.

-- Anna Welch, Event Rider USEA ICP Certified Instructor Pownal, ME

Your DVD is a very good educational documentary. The photography, the horses, and the people are all great. Everything about it is great! It is interesting, it moves, and is of the highest quality. My neighbor, who is not a horse person, watched it and was fascinated. It was fun to see myself in it and what I had to say. I think it is absolutely terrific. Hats off to you, Jo-Ann!”

-- Priscilla Endicott Owner: The Ark Author: "Taking Up The Reins" Founder of New England Dressage Association FEI Rider and former competitor

"Good One! I watched the DVD last night. If it wasn't late I would have massaged Torro last night. I am so excited!!!! I massaged him this A.M. and he loved it. His right front has been a problem for several years. He trotted off nicely and later cantered across the 5 acre pasture and up the hill. The canter sounded more relaxed, even at speed. Can't wait to work on Braien. Thank you so much!! I really got a lot out of it, I also learned about the hand softness...this just gave me the confidence to go out and be responsible to my horses.

-- Laurie Smigelski, Trail rider and former FEI Combined Driver Excalibur Farm

Dick and I were absolutely riveted. We watched the DVD from beginning to end and Dick, who has been an award winning teacher at MIT for over 60 years, says you are a superb teacher. You talk slowly and distinctly with great enthusiasm. Even though we are not currently involved with horses, we learned a great deal of interesting information about massage and muscles. It was beautifully assembled and it is a wonderful piece of work. Thank you so much.

-- D. and M. Battin, Massachusetts

“I just got done watching your DVD and was sooooooo pleased. I learned so much I can't wait to go to the barn in the morning. The DVD was set up quite well. It is so easy to find your way around which will come in handy as I refer back to it at different times for different reasons. I just can't tell you how pleased I am with the DVD. It is so clear and concise and you show us exactly where to do the massage and the effects the muscle has on motion. I will watch it many, many times and improve on my techniques. Thank you, too, for going to the trouble to try and help the average person (like me) help our trusted mounts. I want my horse to be at his best and anything I can do to help him I will do. I believe wholeheartedly in the Meagher method and now have your DVD to further my knowledge. I am most pleased.

-- Jennifer Palmer, California

“With this DVD, Jo-Ann Wilson shares her gift as a teacher and recipient of Jack Meagher’s wisdom, by creating a clear, concise, visual reference. Anyone who loves horses, from beginner to long time professional can understand and easily use its lessons. I love it and will continue to watch it often.”

-- Martha M. Grace, Licensed Massage Therapist, Equine Sports Massage Therapist, AMTA, NCBTMB, Delaware

“Using Jo-Ann’s massage DVD for my horses has opened up a level of communication with them that I never dreamed possible. Immediately upon doing some of the massage techniques, my horse’s attention shifted and stayed focused on me in a way I have never experienced before. Their attentiveness to me, in turn, caused a profound shift in my awareness of them. This kind of touch was something they both understood and clearly appreciated. It was also amazing how quickly their muscles responded and relaxed. In addition to the obvious health benefits for them, a more trusting and productive relationship has developed between us. I would encourage anyone who is interested in developing a deeper and more rewarding level of communication with their horse to use the technique outlined in Jo-Ann’s DVD. You and your horse will be better for it.”

-- Janis Redlich, Horseowner and competitor, Paso Fino’s, Massachusetts

“I purchased your DVD and after watching it from start to finish, I felt compelled to email you. I enjoyed it, I learned from it and it captivated my attention for 70 minutes-which is a feat in itself! I am a video producer by trade and was impressed with the sound quality… I thought the production was really well done. I am a breeder of quality sport horses. I have been interested in massage for a long time. Your DVD has re-enforced some of my thoughts and has definitely given me more confidence. The muscle groups as defined was wonderful and your layman analogies throughout the DVD were appreciated and very well understood—bringing better understanding as to what is going on beneath the surface. The chapter on student training section was very valuable because the mistake was made of rotating up vs. going straight in with the pressure. I am sure it is a common mistake but one that would not be obvious until seen…. Thank you very much for making this DVD available.”

-- Pia Centenari-Leonard, Pearl Cove Farm, Massachusetts


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