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Workshop Overview

Half-day for full-day workshops for horse owners, college students or anyone interested in equine sports massage are provided as an introduction to:

Muscle function

Muscle Tightness

Understanding the dynamics of motion in the horse

Introduction to the Wilson Meagher™ Method

Hands-on application of one of the techniques of the method

Conditioning and strengthening

These workshops serve as a valuable addition to college curriculum or as practical information for horse owners. They offer an understanding of muscle function and tightness as they relate to motion, how to identify tightness and, using a hands-on technique, how to eliminate that tightness and restore a horse's free motion.


Workshops are held in private barns or at a barn on the premises of a college or university. Participants may bring their own horses per the permission of the barn owner.

Who May Attend

Open to horse owners, college students and horse enthusiasts, up to 15 people may participate in the workshop. Auditors are always welcome.

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