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Benefits for Licensed Therapists and Students

1. Accelerated Results: Expect to see visible results in both the ease and range of motion with the first treatment!

2. Differentiated Services: Differentiate yourself from other therapists with specialized knowledge in a growing field.

3. Expanded Practice: By applying the Wilson Meagher Method™ you will help increase your service offerings therefore increasing revenue potential.

4. Increased Client Base: Receive referrals from Jo-Ann Wilson (as available) as well as potential word of mouth referrals from horse owners and other professionals due to the success and notoriety of the Wilson Meagher Method™.

5. Increased Credentials: Certificate of Achievement in the renown Wilson Meagher Method™ of Equine Sports Massage.

6. On-Going Support: Personal access to Jo-Ann Wilson for case reviews and consultation.

7. Receive Continuing Education Hours with NCBTMB.

The specific techniques used in the Wilson Meagher Method™ of sports massage are backed by scientific research through a grant from the Massage Therapy Foundation (1999). The research showed significant increases in range of motion and in muscle tissue.

The philosophy behind Wilson Meagher Sports Therapy is that anything less than maximum efficiency can lead to a problem in performance or even injury. One of the greatest assets any horse may have is its complete freedom and ease of motion. Horses do better when they can move better. Wilson Meagher Sports Therapy teaches you how to achieve this goal.

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