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The Free Newsletters include tips on how to identify and correct problems in motion caused by simple muscle tightness, real-life case studies and much more!

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Past Newsletters:

Volume 13 - Fall 2016

New Offering: Six Day Intensive Equine Sports Massage Program

Jo-Ann at the 2016 the Rio Olympic Games!

Case Study: Motion Problem - Leaning or Heavy in One Rein; Resistant to Bending
Head and Neck in One Direction

Trainer's Tip: from Kristen Bumpus

Rider's Tip: On the importance of Magnesium in your diet!

Volume 12 - Spring 2016

New Six Day Intensive Equine Sports Massage Program

New Problem Specific On Line Training Videos

How Much Weight Can a Horse Carry?

Case Study: Cold back; Hollowing of back; Loss of forward motion.

Trainerís Tip: From Kathy Connelly

Rider's Tip: Easy everyday exercises to Tone the Abs!

Volume 11 - Fall 2015

Kinesio Taping - Fad or For Real?

Case Study: Lyme Disease: Loss of Forward Motion at Trot: Muscle, Joint or TICK BORNE ILLNESS?? How to differentiate and treat? With comments from Sue Lyman of The Plains, Virginia.

Riderís Tip: The Benefits of Sugar?

Volume 10 - Spring 2015

From Jo-Ann: Appropriate Conditioning for Work Load: "The Slower You Go, The Faster You Get There."

Case Study: Gait Analysis at the Walk: How to Evaluate Restrictions in Motion Caused by Simple Muscle Tightness.

Trainer's Tip: Improving Body Condition in Young, Off the Track or Imported European Horses - by Liz Millikin

Riderís Tip: The Top 5 Things You Should Never Eat Or Drink

Volume 9 - Fall 2014

From Jo-Ann: My Thoughts About The 2014 World Equestrian Games

Case Study: Simple muscle tightness in this small muscle can lead to a problem: especially in performance and hock flexions.

Trainer's Tip: Why is shoulder-in an important movement for all disciplines of horses to learn?

Riderís Tip: Why Breakfast is NOT the Most Important Meal After All

Volume 8 - Spring 2014

Thoughts from Jo-Ann: While Equestrian Sport is a 50-50 Partnership Between the Horse and Rider, the Scales of Care are Imbalanced

Case Study: Problem: Loss of Forward Motion at the Canter. Difficulty Coming Through from Behind.

Trainer's Tip: The Importance of a Relaxed Neck When Jumping and Galloping - by Nina Fout

Riderís Tip: To Ice or Heat - That is a Good Question. Here is the answer you may have been looking for

Volume 7 - Summer 2013

Thoughts from Jo-Ann: Effective Stretching: Let the Horse Do the Work Naturally and Easily

Case Study: Hanging a front leg while jumping; appears short in front leg at extended trot.

Trainer's Tip: The Importance of Walk Breaks During Training - by Liz Millikin

Rider's Tip from Jo-Ann Wilson: A Quick, and Very Effective Exercise Program

Volume 6 - Winter 2013

Thoughts from Jo-Ann: Chasing the Agenda and Tripping Over My Own Shoe Laces

Case Study: Is It His Muscles or a Deeper Problem?

Trainer's Tip: Recommended Guidelines for Bringing a Horse Back into Work from a Soft Tissue Injury of the Lower Leg - by Max Corcoran

Rider's Tip from Jo-Ann Wilson: Why You Should Probably Stop Eating Wheat

Volume 5 - Summer 2012

London 2012 Olympics: My View From the Inside

Case Study: Stiff in hind legs. Loss of power at all gaits. Diminished response to leg aids

Olympic Security and Accreditations

Trainerís Tip: Going Forward by Kathy Connelly

Click here to read complete Summer 2012 Newsletter including Rider's Tip

Volume 4 - Spring 2012

Conformation and Movement as Form and Function

Case Study: Refusing to pick up the correct lead at the canter. Shortened stride in front

Trainerís Tip: Training in Cold Climates by Barend Heilbron

Click here to read complete Spring 2012 Newsletter including Rider's Tip

Volume 3 - Fall 2011

Good Motion is Intuitive

Jo-Ann's Teaching In 2011

Case Study: Shortened stride from hind leg; Less push from hind leg

Trainerís Tip: Fundamental Lesson for All Horses by Sue Clark

Click here to read complete Fall 2011 Newsletter including Rider's Tip

Volume 2 - Spring 2011

Muscle Tightness

Rolex International and the Kentucky Derby

Case Study: Cold back. Hollowing of back, with head carried high. Loss of forward motion at the canter

Trainerís Tip: Guidelineís for ending a training session by Kristen Bumpus

Click here to read complete Spring 2011 Newsletter including Rider's Tip

Volume 1- Winter 2010/11

How it all began

The World Equestrian Games - 2010

Case Study: Heavy in right rein with difficulty bending to the left

Trainerís Tip: Top Qualities Recommended for A Riding Horse by Liz Millikin

Click here to read complete Winter 2010/11 Newsletter including Rider's Tip


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